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Thursday, 1 September 2011

"Sunny Alberta Again"

We awoke this morning to yet another lovely day in Alberta and what a blessing to see as we are fast approaching the pending winter with snow high in the mountains and frost warnings just to the west of us. Afraid it is coming and each year it gets harder to look at and prepare for.

This book is the first in a seven book series called "Quiet Reflections" I have written of my of my time living in the Yukon here in Northern Canada. During the time I was there I went through a very difficult time dealing with addictions. This book "The Quiet" is the first in the series.

It was through the many people and the wilderness adventures that I learned of God and found His peace. I have written of the many people and the way they spoke into my life and the impact each had in their own way. 

The Yukon holds her secrets deep within, the wilderness experiences I have written about were located sometimes as far as 200 miles from man. The only access was through a helicopter to get into these regions. The land I found myself in was not a land for the fainthearted. It is here a man learns about his God and about himself.

Tannis, my faithful companion was a rescue dog, a cocker spaniel who knew of the true meaning of pain and suffering. She was a great companion filled with many antics that I loved dearly. Her spirit for adventure matched mine. She would back down from nothing.

I invite you to travel with us. The books can be found at 


For all whom have supported me during the time I have spent compiling this series I thank you. I especially thank my wife Peggy for her support in allowing me to spend many hours here at the keyboard.

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