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Friday, 16 September 2011


Hi Everyone:

Thank you for stopping in and saying hello as always a warm  hello it return. It looks like we have had a reprieve on the pending winter again for the next several days. I have been puttering in the yard the past few days in cutoffs. Needless to say I have always been known as the last holdout anyway.

It has been a busy few weeks here getting this last book up and live on Amazon. Edit and re-edit again and again. This new Office/Mac program is wonderful as it has an option of a reader which has helped greatly. After a while the old eyes just get tired as well as the two fingers which I find catch fire on occasion. Well, they get warm anyway. I should learn to use the other fingers if I plan on being a writer. Hard to change an old dog and teach it new tricks I must admit.

This book is about the life of Wes Nickel a Blackfoot Indian lad who experienced some terrible pain and suffering as a child. We are able to follow him through life and see the healing and the growth he has been through. Several people whom I have allowed to proofed it for me have told of it bringing tears to their eyes and in some cases personal healing as well for past injustices against them. They have ben able to find forgiveness. If one finds peace then I have accomplished what I have been called to write.

I have already started on the sequel to "Smoothwolf" and anticipate it will be completed in a few months. You see Wes carries on offering all his life experience to the many who come int his life. 

For the time being this is offered in an ebook format but I do know Kindle has an App which you can download which allows you to read on your computer. I just received an email from a publisher here in Canada who is very interested in taking this book on and representing me. We are still working on some details so I will keep you posted.

Thank you, thank you all for your support and continued prayer as we move further into what I feel God is calling. He is an amazing God and God who will never leave or forsake us. Know that you are loved dearly by the Father and the many whom you touch daily with your love.

© All Rights Reserved 

His Peace and Blessings

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

"Quiet Moments"

Good morning and welcome to the "Fireside" again and may this find you well. Come in a rest a little while as we catch up on the latest news from this small part of the world.

I so love those quiet moments we have in our thoughts and memories of days past. They are so peaceful and filled with peace. I think of times like when this picture was taken and how simple life was. Just man, his dog and living in the great outdoors. The best part is the fish on the other end of the line.

As we pass through life it is so very important to go back and cherish those moments. If there has been one thing I have learned over the past several years is to enjoy the moment you find yourself in at the time a little more. 

The combines are running here full force now as the farmers race to get the wonderful crops the land has produced off. It has been a bumper crop year for them in this area. We are truly blessed knowing that many will be provided for through their hard work and God's provision. 

Planning on a River Drift on the Bow River, one of the top trout rivers in Canada, well known for its trophy trout it produces with 6 different species and several in the world class range.

This is my river drifter, all self contained, I wear waders, boots and flippers to manoeuvre as well I have ors to get into the out of the way areas. This trip we are planning will be a two day trip with an overnight stay on one of the many islands on the river. The distance we will travel will be in the 60 mile range. It is a peaceful trip hopefully interrupted often by fish. This is all Fly Fishing and a challenge to outwit these smarter than the average fish.

Fall colours are already starting to show. This is such a wonderful time of the year as God prepares the land to rest. 

I often think it is the time God calls us to rest as well after all the busy summer activities we seem to find ourselves going through. A good time to reflect on where we have been, what we have accomplished and maybe what some future plans, goals and ambitions are for the next season. 

In the Bible we can read in the book of Ecclesiastes a time for everything. A good read as we think of time. Time is a gift given by the Father and one which is to be treated with respect and reverence as we never really know when there will be no more time for us. As you read as the Father to reveal to you those areas where you can better serve Him and your fellow pilgrims along the journey.    

Be blessed this day, know that you are loved first by the Father above and by each person whom you touch in your lives.

© 2011                                                                    

Thursday, 1 September 2011

"Sunny Alberta Again"

We awoke this morning to yet another lovely day in Alberta and what a blessing to see as we are fast approaching the pending winter with snow high in the mountains and frost warnings just to the west of us. Afraid it is coming and each year it gets harder to look at and prepare for.

This book is the first in a seven book series called "Quiet Reflections" I have written of my of my time living in the Yukon here in Northern Canada. During the time I was there I went through a very difficult time dealing with addictions. This book "The Quiet" is the first in the series.

It was through the many people and the wilderness adventures that I learned of God and found His peace. I have written of the many people and the way they spoke into my life and the impact each had in their own way. 

The Yukon holds her secrets deep within, the wilderness experiences I have written about were located sometimes as far as 200 miles from man. The only access was through a helicopter to get into these regions. The land I found myself in was not a land for the fainthearted. It is here a man learns about his God and about himself.

Tannis, my faithful companion was a rescue dog, a cocker spaniel who knew of the true meaning of pain and suffering. She was a great companion filled with many antics that I loved dearly. Her spirit for adventure matched mine. She would back down from nothing.

I invite you to travel with us. The books can be found at 


For all whom have supported me during the time I have spent compiling this series I thank you. I especially thank my wife Peggy for her support in allowing me to spend many hours here at the keyboard.